Why choose euler hermes?




Worldwide Experts at Your Service

More than any other single factor, our people are what make us different. We have over 600 commercial debt col​lections professionals worldwide. They have what it takes to recover your money, but without risking your all-important trading relationships. Our dedicated team of collectors has extensive knowledge in collections across all industries ensuring efficient collections.

We have 'Euler Hermes' Name

As a recognised industry leader within the credit insurance and debt collection industries our name has a significant effect on late payers. Taking action and using a third party can show your debtor you are serious about payment.

Specialised Expertise

Unlike many agencies, we never undertake consumer collections. Believing that ours is a specialist task requiring specialist knowledge, we only collect late payments from businesses. This is where we focus our expertise, and where we have unrivalled experience.

We have the Knowledge

As part of the Euler Hermes Group, we have access to the very best available business knowledge. This means that, in the pursuit of what you are owed, we can often locate key information, or even key individuals, that other collection agencies would simply be unable to trace.

We have added knowledge through our Credit Intelligence information service, an exceptional network of information sources, drawing on first-hand, up-to-date knowledge of 40 million companies around the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We're a Recognised Industry Leader

We play an active part in international trade associations for collection agencies. We’re acknowledged for the high standards we set in terms of procedures and professionalism – standards that are now the benchmark for good practice within the industry.

We have Unparalled Reach

We have an impressive presence in over 50 countries along with a strong partnership with external lawyers and collection agents allowing us to provide our collection service in over 130 countries worldwide.

Handling over 200,000 debt collection cases every year, we use our experience and knowledge of local markets to ensure we provide a professional service for our clients from pre-legal action through to legal proceedings.

With our international network of agents and lawyers, we’ll work in any market, conduct negotiations in most languages, and deal with the intricacies of any local legal system.

We have the Financial Solidity

As your debt collection agency, we regularly recover large sums on your behalf. Our Financial strenght gives you security for a long term partnership. We're a company of Allianz with a turnover of  €2.27 billion, and have a Standart & Poor's financial rating AA-.