Weekly Export Risk Outlook



This weekly update outlines where the major risks lie, with a particular focus on what matters for exporters. It gives real-time economic information to trade safely.


​november ​23rd ​Mexico, Philippines, Eurozone, Worldtrade PDF_16x16
16th​ ​U.S., Eurozone, Japan, The Global Economy PDF_16x16
​9th ​U.S., Egypt, Germany, Emerging Markets PDF_16x16
​3rd ​U.S., France, UK, China PDF_16x16
​october ​26th ​Brazil, Eurozone, Russia, South Korea PDF_16x16
​19th ​China, Ghana, Eurozone, Argentina PDF_16x16

​12th Greece, U.S., Brazil, Germany​ PDF_16x16
​5th UK, U.S., China, Emerging Markets PDF_16x16
​september 28th​ ​​Eurozone, France, Turkey, US PDF_16x16
​22nd ​EU, Japan, Russia, US PDF_16x16

​14th ​Turkey, Eurozone, Venezuela, China PDF_16x16
​7th ​Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Emerging Markets PDF_16x16
​August ​31st ​U.S., UK, Spain, Kenya PDF_16x16
​24th ​Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico PDF_16x16
​18th ​Russia, Central & Eastern Europe, Japan, Spain PDF_16x16
​JULY 29th​ ​Eurozone, Brazil, France, South Africa PDF_16x16
​20th ​​China, Eurozone, Turkey, US PDF_16x16
​13th ​​Russia, Spain & Portugal, UK, U.S​ & Canada PDF_16x16
​6th ​​UK, Emerging Marketes, Eurozone, U.S​​ PDF_16x16
​June 29th​ ​UK, Spain, Ghana, Jordan PDF_16x16
​24th ​UK, Global Economy, U.S., Brazil PDF_16x16
​15th ​Turkey, China, U.S., Greece PDF_16x16
​8th ​Eurozone, U.S., South Africa, Brazil PDF_16x16
​1st ​India, Italy, U.S. & Canada, UK PDF_16x16
​MAY ​25th ​Greece, Germany, US, ​Eurozone PDF_16x16
​18th Brazil, Central & Eastern Europe, Japan, The Netherlands​ PDF_16x16
​11th ​U.S. & Canada, Austria, Philippines, Greece PDF_16x16
​4th ​Emerging Markets, France, Spain, US PDF_16x16
APRIL 27th​ ​U.S. & Canada, UK, Emerging Markets, Sweden PDF_16x16
​20th ​​Argentina, Brazil, China, Russia PDF_16x16
​13th ​​Angola, China,  Italy​, UK PDF_16x16
​6th ​Saudi Arabia, Germany, U.S., Emerging Markets PDF_16x16
​​​MARCH ​31st ​Turkey, China, Eurozone, Sub-Saharan Africa PDF_16x16

​23rd ​​Eurozone, Indonesia, Israel, US PDF_16x16
​16th ​​China, Egypt, Ireland, UK, US PDF_16x16
​10th ​Egypt, ​Eurozone, U.S, Italy​ PDF_16x16

​2nd ​China, Sweden, U.S., France PDF_16x16
​February ​24th ​China, Eurozone, UK, US PDF_16x16
​17th ​Commodities, Eurozone, Israel, Norway PDF_16x16
​10th ​Algeria, Canada, Russia, US PDF_16x16
​3rd ​France, Japan, UK, US PDF_16x16
​January ​20th ​China, Iran, Poland, UK PDF_16x16
​14th ​China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, US PDF_16x16